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Zapi spa

The passion for the care and protection of the green and the home environment with us since 1970, when Peter Zambotto founded in Padua Zapi and laid the foundation for the company's growth in this beautiful area. Since then we propose to fans of the green the best solutions to fully enjoy the splendor of its flower-filled balcony, the orchard fruits, a healthy garden and home protection from pests. Zapi Today, thanks to its experience, has realized that in order to give a true impassioned service of green does not just offer quality products, respectful of nature and safe for those who use them but must be able to give their support and make available its knowledge. So today it is crucial the work of Dr. Zapi, our expert advisor voted to give useful advice impassioned green.
Since 1970

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Zapi spa
Via Terza Strada 12, Conselve (PD)

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