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Innovation Award for Zucchetti Centro Sistemi

Innovation Award for Zucchetti Centro Sistemi


What is about to end is a positive year for Zucchetti Centro Sistemi: results that show a + 20% turnover compared to the previous year, but above all important increases in terms of Gross Margin and Ebitda.
"We expect to close at around € 78 million in turnover with an Ebitda of over € 5 million, with a strong increase in the renewable energy sector and our software divisions. Even the robotics with the Ambrogio mower robot is increasingly connected and the automation with its distribution / collection machines that allow complete traceability of the objects have increased their sales volumes thanks above all to the IoT solutions that integrate our software skills with the 'hardware. "says Cav. Lav. Fabrizio Bernini, President of Zucchetti Centro Sistemi.
 "We have organized interdivisional technical working groups to research innovative solutions using the latest smart technologies: Internet of Things, Cloud, Big Data, Network Mesh, Ibeacon." Continues Bernini, who also directs the Laboratory of Ideas, the R & D area of ZCS "Our approach is to offer cutting-edge innovative solutions with the era of digitization and Industry 4.0 in both software and hardware."
ZCS is confronted with a plurality of industrial sectors and offers varied solutions but characterized by common factors: high technology, performance and quality of services offered.
Recognition directed by the market, but also by important scientific commissions. In fact, just in recent days, in the setting of the Sala delle Feste of the Regional Council of Tuscany, ZCS has obtained an important recognition in the Innovation Award 2018, for the SIMS project - Smart Integrated Mesh System: an integrated Mesh / IoT technological platform for development and control of global networks; the applicability of which can be extended to the management of lighting in the public and private sectors, heating / cooling systems, alarms, production control and everything that requires monitoring and interaction between electronic / electro-mechanical systems.
2018 closes under the best auspices for a 2019 that will open in the name of artificial intelligence. It is therefore necessary to look forward with the full awareness that this technology is revolutionizing the life of man and the company at an ever faster speed.

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