Zucchetti Centro Sistemi spa

Zucchetti Centro Sistemi spa

Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, founded in 1985 as a software company, thanks to the innovative imprinting of its President, soon established itself in the international markets of robotics and automation.
Since 2000, ZCS has been part of Holding Zucchetti SpA, the first Italian Software House since ten years. ZCS develops robots and innovative solutions for gardening, swimming pools, home automation, agriculture, alternative energy, logistics, automation, traceability, software and hardware for the public sector, companies and individuals.
ZCS's flagship products are: Ambrogio, the robotic lawnmower for over 18 years on the market and Nemh2o, the innovative wire-free swimming pool cleaner, autonomous and able to stay in the water 365 days a year.

Since 1985

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Company headquarter
Zucchetti Centro Sistemi spa
Via Lungarno 305/a, Terranuova Bracciolini (AR)

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