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Zucchetti grows with green technology

Zucchetti grows with green technology


From software to robotics, from automation to renewable energy: it is several commitments of Zucchetti Centro Sistemi in the field of green technology that confirm the importance of innovation for the company.
For 2017 it is expected to start work (imminent) for the construction of a new technological and ecofriendly building ZCS, so that will expand its headquarters with the construction of a building of more than 3,000 square meters. Arranged on two levels welcome the design, production, marketing and after sales services of the already market-leading robot such as Ambrose, automatic mower and Nemh2o the clean pool, and the robots of the future dedicated to agriculture, logistics, maritime transport ZCS develops within the R & D Laboratory of Ideas. The need to expand the premises was born as a result of the success that the ZCS innovative solutions are proving both in Italy and abroad and the consequent increase in terms of turnover, number of employees and business associates occurred in recent years.
Zucchetti Centro Sistemi new building
"The inauguration of the Robotic Building is planned for the end of 2017 - says the president Fabrizio Bernini - The architectural project involves not only the factory building but also the urban area and helps improve and enrich our territory in the heart of Tuscany".
"The economic and financial investment is consistent but I think important and ethically correct, give the same undertaking and the territory that hosts it, and it has allowed the growth of efficient structures and works of primary urban development and mobility, as well as industrial " .
Also it born within Zucchetti a new strategic business unit, a new division of the industry progessionisti that, as explained by the multidivisional Valdarno, "fits perfectly the mission of Zucchetti Centro Sistemi: smart technology, high degree of innovation, integration information technology and energy efficiency. "
The budget of 2016 for the company sees good results for all five business divisions, with an estimated turnover of over € 54 million, driven by the export share is over 65%. Also increase the human resources: 210 staff including many young people under 35, managers, employees and industry executives. It also enhances the area Research & Development, the Laboratory of Ideas, with more than 30 technicians, computer, electronic, and mechanical designers.
Zucchetti Centro thinks about a future 4.0 Systems: "an innovative company projected into the future, sensitive to its origins and to its territory, which continues to grow under the sign of technology, environmental sustainability and energy conservation," conclude by ZCS .

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